North Porter County Conservation Club in Chesterton, Indiana hosts monthly IDPA matches on every 3rd Sunday of the month from March until November.  Generally, most matches are at least five stages and feature a round count between 85 & 100 rounds.  Practiscore registration opens at Noon on the Monday after a match, and then closes at Midnight the night before the match.  Below are some links to help you stay connected with the action!



Practiscore is THE online registration and scoring system for all practical shooting sports.  You do NOT need a Practiscore account to register for matches or to view match results, but you will need an account if you would like to "Follow" all of our future match listings.

Facebook is our online social media gathering hole.  This is where we prefer to discuss IDPA rules, matches, and our gear.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to join in and the members or an admin will do their best to help you.

NPCCC IDPA npcccinc.com

npcccinc.com is our range's homepage.  On the left you will find our Google calendar which lists all range events including classes, upcoming matches, and range closures.  This is a great place to keep an eye on all of the other shooting activities that NPCCC hosts on a regular basis.